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Chart & Stethoscope

Infectious Disease Testing



The COVID -19, influenza A and B and RSV virus causes the upper respiratory symptoms. Early symptoms include fever, chills, runny nose, body aches and more. A rapid flu test can determine if the flu is the cause of your illness. Patient will have his/her nose swabbed for sampling. Results are available in 10 minutes.  Treatment for COVID-19, Influenza and RSV are available and most effective after early detection. 

COVID-19, Influenza, RSV and more performed on-site with results in 15 minutes


A sore throat can result from strep throat, mononucleosis (Mono),  covid-19, or the flu. Get a strep throat or mononucleosis test from us and receive results in no more than 10 minutes. A special swab will be used to sample of saliva from the tonsils and throat. If your test shows positive for a strep infection or mono, our staff will provide or prescribe medications to treat you. Schedule a test today.



If you feel you may have been exposed to an STI or if you and your partner want to be safe before being intimate, sign up for testing. The procedure can be performed as a urine test(more effective in males than females) or a simple soft swab test. Testing is available for gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas, herpes, HIV (4th Generation), syphilis as well as non-sexual transmitted diseases such as yeast infections and bacterial vaginitis. Some test me require a simple blood draw. Blood may be drawn from the arm or a simple finger prick. STI / STD treatment will be start immediately for anyone with a positive test. 

Set a private appointment today to get your test with us today. See same day results.



Most cases of diarrhea will resolve with simple medical management.  In some occasions, the diarrhea is caused by a bacterial infection. In these cases, over the counter medication may do more harm then good.   Let our providers determine the best treatment for your condition.  



Skin infection can result after a minor injury.  If you notice redness, pain and increase warmth, you may be developing an infection.  Spread of that infection can become more severe and develop into a cellulitis. Cellulitis is a more advance skin infection and will require prescription for antibiotic.  Some times an Abscess can be mistaken for a simple cellulitis.  An abscess is a collection of infected fluid under the skin.  An abscess needs to be treated by draining the infected fluid.  A simple exam with an ultrasound can help determine the difference between a cellulitis and an abscess.  Our team will evaluate and treat for skin infections.

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